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NovaMin® remineralization and sensitivity relief goes far beyond ACP and CPP-ACP technology.

  • Clinically proven to provide exceptional sensitivity relief.
    NovaMin’s formula directly treats the cause of sensitivity.
  • Forms an HCA layer on teeth to remineralize surface lesions.
  • Protects enamel during acid attacks and continually
    for up to 7 days.
  • Proven to work below the gum line, providing direct relief
    to the root surface.
  • The first and only line of remineralization products for
    both professional and at-home use.

Naturally effective.

NovaMin®—a white, tasteless powder—is a compound made from elements found in healthy bones and teeth: calcium, phosphorus, silica and sodium (Ca, P, Si and Na). Together, they create the perfect ion balance to ensure tooth remineralization and provide the most powerful sensitivity relief available.

NovaMin® actually creates the natural conditions for rapid remineralization by amplifying the natural protective and repair mechanisms for teeth and gums. Each microscopic NovaMin particle delivers Ca, P, Si and Na. When exposed to moisture, the particles instantly release billions of mineral ions, forming a hard and strong hydroxycarbonate apatite (HCA) layer on tooth dentin and enamel, repairing lesions that cause sensitivity.

NovaMin’s critical fourth ingredient—sodium—causes the saliva to become alkaline, speeding the formation of the HCA layer for faster sensitivity relief. Applied in one easy step, NovaMin products continue releasing sodium ions for up to seven days, providing long-lasting desensitizing and remineralization.

What’s more, the Na and Ca ions in NovaMin overwhelm bacterial cells’ ability to regulate their water content, which kills harmful bacteria.

THE RESULTS: Teeth that are less sensitive, cleaner, whiter and healthier than those treated with fluoride alone.

What does NovaMin® do?

Repairs surface lesions
by forming a biomimetic
HCA on tooth dentin and
enamel surface.

Reduces sensitivity
by occluding dentin tubules
with a protective HCA layer.

Improves gingival health with anti-microbial and
anti-inflammatory  properties.

NovaMin® history.

The origins of NovaMin® go back to a chance encounter between a materials scientist and an army colonel and their conversation about helping to repair the shattered bones of soldiers who were battle wounded. That conversation led to a revolutionary bone repair material. After over a million patients benefited from that creation, researchers found a way to adapt the same technology for renewing the vitality of teeth.

Thus, NovaMin® was born.

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